Honeywell Fire Alarm Systems

A fire in your home or business can be devastating. It can ruin a life savings in a matter of minutes. Protect your employees, family, and assets from the destruction of fire with a Honeywell fire alarm system.

Detecting Trouble: This highly sophisticated fire alarm system can detect the presence of smoke, sense heat levels inside a room, and remotely control door releases and elevators. You can rest assured that even in the most dangerous of situations, precautions will be taken to protect the things you love.

These unique monitors and detection services allows you to alert residents of fire quickly. Efficiently pinpoint the exact location of troublesome fire conditions, and create safe exit plans.

Integrate All Systems: Control an entire building with the Honeywell fire alarm systems. Easily integrated with other systems, it can check for trouble alerts from other systems in the building. Utilize this information to set up a correct sequence for all your alarm systems and allow them to work together for the greatest protection.


honeywell fire alarm systems Don’t worry about having to go to many different retailers for all your fire alarm needs. Here at Salem Security Alarm, we provide our customers with everything they will need to keep their family and employees safe. All our systems come with alarm pulls, smoke detectors, and speakers.


Our expert staff have over 20 years of experience. Even if you’re new to fire alarm protocol and national codes, we can help you along the way, providing you with great recommendations and letting you know what is required by law. Our relationships with local government sectors and fire chiefs, allow us to get timely approval of your fire alarm system plans.

Want to start protecting your business or home with the Honeywell fire alarm systems? Get started today by clicking here, to request a free consultation. You’ll be surprised how affordable our services are.