Gain complete control over your house or business with the Lynx Touch 5210. This system’s simple keypad allows you to have full automation of your property, including: lights, garage door, thermostat, and more. Never worry about the security of your commercial or residential property again, with our Total Connect app, downloadable to tablet or smartphone.


  • Stay and away arming modes
  • Panic key functions
  • Reminder announcements
  • Real-time clock
  • Message center: email and text notifications available
  • Two-way voice
  • Phone control
  • Speaker phone
  • Security codes
  • Ability (with Total Connect system) to display weather, news, and traffic reports
  • Zone arming

Easy To Use: With large icons and display screens, almost anyone can use the Lynx Touch 5210 security system. Choose the display screen that best fits your needs, between a 4.7″ screen where you can view one video at a time, or a 7″ screen where you can view up to four videos at once. Each functions like an Ipad, allowing you to simply click the feature you want on the screen. Long are the days where you have to remember complicated codes.


Lynx Touch 5210


Convenient Modes: Only receive alerts when you need to. With two modes, away and stay, you’ll be able to determine which notifications you receive. On stay mode, you and your guests can move freely around the house. You’ll only receive alerts when a protected door or window is open. During away mode an alarm will indicate movement or openings of windows or doors.   

Avoid False Alarms: Many false alarms are caused by simple accidents, like forgetting to close a door when you leave. The Lynx Touch 5210 include several features that help prevent false alarms. Our certified installers can help you decide which features would best benefit you. A few options are included below.

  • Exit/ entry delays
  • Exit alarms
  • Exit time restart- exit delay restart
  • Auto stay feature
  • Alarm reporting delay
  • False alarms prevent faulty calling of emergency personnel

Z-Wave Technology: With Z-Wave connectivity, installers can connect security, lighting, locks, thermostats, water valves, all to your new security system. With the Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, users of the system can control all these functions right from their smart phone, or other internet-enabled device. We can connect up to three thermostats, four door locks, forty devices, and sunrise/sunset lighting control.

For additional convenience, connect your garage door, receive weather alerts, and upgrade your system remotely.

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If you’re a current user of the Lynx Touch system and would like to view the user guide, you can do so here.