Lynx Touch 7000 provides security and home automation, in one easy-to-use bundle. This unique system provides users with some of the most loved home security features, including video surveillance, in one of the lowest cost alarm communication systems.

The Lynx Touch 7000 can be controlled from its bright 7″ touchscreen. This keypad is easy to use and comes with graphic icons and an intuitive design that works similar to an ipad. With the help of Z-wave technology, this system uses advanced alarm communications, allowing it to control the garage door, share weather alerts and warns, and even upgrade the operating system remotely. You’ll also be able to use two-way communication through the Lynx Touch 7000 system.


Lynx Touch 7000


Be safe while on a budget. Use the Wi-Fi module of this system for the lowest cost alarm communication system. Save money while enjoying two-way voice, remote services and broadband cellular communication. You’ll love this budget-friendly option.

System Highlights:

  • Wi-Fi module
  • Lowest cost alarm communication system
  • 7″ touchscreen keypad included
  • Enabled two-way voice
  • Video capability
  • Home Automation

Ensure the safety of your property with video capabilities. Utilizing the keypad or Lynx Connect app on your web-enabled device you will be able to view live and recorded videos from your security system. This is a great option for a busy business owner or even a parent wanting to check-in on their kids.

Lynx Touch 7000 Z-wave

Using Z-wave technology, the Lynx Touch 7000 can help you automate your home. That means that from your security system you’ll be able to control security, lighting, thermostats, water valves, and more. If you use Honeywell’s Total Connect Remote Services, you’ll be able to manage all these automation options from your mobile device.

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