Honeywell NetAXS123


Add security to your business with the NetAXS-123 system. With this unique access control system you can finally have complete control over where employees go, which entrance the deliveryman enters, and seeing who enters your business. With many different options, it’s customizable to your business’ needs.

Training:  The NetAXS-123 system allows for versatility. One amazing benefit is that users do not need a dedicated PC to operate the system. Instead, securely manage your system anywhere there’s an internet connection. More fully, you’ll enjoy no dedicated PC costs. Installation is a snap with NetAXS-123, and it’s easy to operate. Additionally, the browser-based training interface makes the learning curve significantly smaller.


  • Secures doors
  • Manage employee access
  • Manage sites remotely
  • Pull reports easily to meet compliance requirements
  • Quick and easy training online

Installation: Reduce installation and IT support costs with the NetAXS-123 system. This system is easily integrated with your current IT infrastructure and methods. You can log into the system, anywhere you go, for complete control. That means that whenever access to your business needs changed, you can do it on the go.


Honeywell NetAXS123


Growth: Only purchase the exact amount of access you need, and don’t worry about having to replace the NetAXS-123 system as your business grows. The NetAXS-123 system can grow with your business, allowing you to add doors later, as your business grows. You can integrate this system with Honeywell’s WIN-PAK and MAXPRO Cloud softwares for a more robust and sophisticated system.

Video Add-on Kit:  This add-on kit allows you to bring video functionality to your NetAXS-123 panel. View live video or record video without investing in an NVR or DVR with this simple to use system.

Additionally, you can define which events are important to you, with trigger recording. Set up when you want your system to start recording, whether that’s when an employee enters your shop, or when there is motion detected in a certain area. This function makes it possible for you to not have to allows be recording, saving you memory space and money.

The NetAXS-123 system is perfect for businesses with three doors, but you can add or change doors as your needs change.

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