Tuxedo Touch

Do you want assurance that your business is always protected? With the Tuxedo Touch system you control important functions, like locking your front door, right from your smartphone or tablet. Now, you’ll never have to worry about your home or businesses’ security level.

Voice Control: Controlling the Tuxedo Touch system is as easy as saying a phrase! Say, “Wake up,” to raise shades, turn the heat to the perfect temperature, and prepare yourself the day ahead. Going to sleep? Use voice control when you say the phrase, “Bedtime,” to lock the doors, turn on your security alarm, turn off lights, and decrease the temperature for your home. This handy voice control system is also helpful for busy business owners who want to prepare their storefront for the day, in just a few seconds.

Smartphone Control: With the Tuxedo Touch security system, you’ll be able to control virtually every function right from your smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV monitor. This flexibility is great for busy home or business owners. So even when you’re on the go, you can be sure that your property is protected.


Tuxedo Touch


High-Resolution: Gone are the days ofblurry and unclear images. With the technology in the Tuxedo Touch system you’ll be able to see high-resolution photos and videos, right from your touch screen. To use this function, insert a SD card into any touch screen. At Salem Security Alarm, we offer a variety of different colored touch screen, so that they will always match your home decor.

The Tuxedo Touch system is one of the easiest to use systems, and because of this, it’s a popular choice for business and homeowners alike. Whether it’s the time saving voice control settings, or viewing settings easily from the high resolution screen, property owners trust Tuxedo Touch to protect their valuables. Click here to request a free consolation and see what Salem Security Alarm can do for you.