ZeroWire Security system

ZeroWire’s easy to use infrastructure make it a popular choice for many business and homeowners. This unique system can help you save time and is perfect for a busy property owner.

Why bother with a security system that is pricey and time-consuming to install? Installation with ZeroWire is simple and it can be programmed and updated remotely, saving you time and money in the long run. Plus, ZeroWire includes a wireless panel that can be installed virtually anywhere, without restrictions. Choose the area of your home that is most convenient for the panel, kitchen, bathroom, closet, utility room, or even a closet.




With the UltraSync app, users can have control of their security system no matter where they go. Using any web-enabled device running on iOS or Android, you will have full access to controlling all the functions of your security system, including:

  • Arm and disarm system
  • See sensor status
  • View live video
  • View prerecorded video
  • Turn on and off lights
  • Adjust thermostat
  • Add and remove users
  • Update profiles
  • Create temporary accounts for visitors
  • View system history

ZeroWire UltraSync App

ZeroWire gives its users so much more than just security, it also allows users to automate their home. With a tap of your finger, control lights, thermostats, and locks to your home. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to double check that the doors are locked, and save money by turning down the thermostat.

The options are endless with the ZeroWire security system. Choose from a variety of different accessories to create a home security and automation system that is perfect for your needs and budget. Continue reading below to determine with accessories will best fit your family or business.

  • Carbon Monoxide and Heat Monitoring:¬†Protect your home on a whole other level with heat and carbon monoxide sensors. When dangerous levels are detected notifications of the threat are sent our through your security system. We even allow you to choose from wireless and wired options.
  • Video Surveillance: See who is entering and leaving your property, with your own eyes, with the help of video surveillance. Connect ZeroWire to our UltraSync app and view live and recorded video from your cell phone or other mobile device.
  • Access Control: Add on access control to your bundle to give specific access to certain users. Wither it is for a commercial or residential property, people will only be entering the areas that you want them to.

If you’re looking for the safety that ZeroWire can provide, click here. Our helpful staff would love to talk to you about your security goals and schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.